Tuesday, May 28

Tuba salaries within 7 days: BGMEA

Online Report: Garment workers of Tuba Group chant slogans demanding their outstanding salary and bonus at the factory premises in capital’s Badda on Thursday.

The outstanding salaries and bonuses of Tuba Group, which is witnessing workers’ demonstration since Tuesday, will be paid within seven working days, according to a BGMEA top leader.

SM Mannan Kochi, vice president of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association (BGMEA), made the announcement at a press briefing at BGMEA headquarters in Dhaka this afternoon.

Several hundreds of workers of Tuba Group are continuing their hunger strike for the third consecutive day today, demanding their outstanding salaries and Eid bonus.

At least 30 workers have so far fallen sick as the staff of five factories under Tuba Group started the hunger strike on the sixth floor of the factory housed at Hossain Market in Uttar Badda in the capital since the Eid day.
Most of them are seen sitting or lying down on the floor with IV saline.