Wednesday, July 6

Biggest’ haul of yaba seized in Ctg

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Members of Bangladesh Navy seized the “biggest ever” consignment of Yaba tablets near Patenga in Anwara upazila of Chittagong early today.
An anti-smuggling team of the navy cracked down on a smuggling operation and seized a fishing trawler, FV Saleha, along with 2,20,000 Yaba tablets early today, claimed team commander Jasimuzzaman.

This is the largest ever haul of Yaba in the country, the commander claimed. However, none was detained over the incident that took place 14 kilometres off from the port city, our Chittagong correspondent reports. Navy received intelligence that a big shipment of Yaba will be smuggled into the country from Myanmar, the commander said.

We followed a trawler coming in from Myanmar around 5:00am,” he said. “Soon, we chased the trawler and managed to intercept it near Kafco jetty. Sensing danger, at least eight, who were on board the vessel, jumped into the Bay and fled the scene, according to the Navy officer.
Searching the vessel, the team seized 22 cartons, stuffed under stacks of fish, containing 10,000 pieces of Yaba in each, he added.

Its estimated price in the current market is around Tk 15.40 crore. This is one of the biggest Yaba hauls of the country, Jasimuzzaman said.
Earlier, Bangladesh Coast Guards members seized around 2,00,000 pieces of Yaba from Chittagong on August 24.