Saturday, June 25

Single? Cuffing season has begun

Singles prepare to couple up for the winter by ‘dropping their standards’ and ‘cuffing’ themselves to a partner to ensure they have someone to snuggle up with on cold nights

Yahoo Lifestyle

Beware guys, we are entering Cuffing Season. Yes, we thought it was just your bog standard weather-turns-to-rubbish autumn too. But no. It’s more than that.As well as being a key dating season, it’s also – apparently – a time when men and women race against time to find a partner to snuggle with on cold winter nights.Hello Autumn Boyfriend! (REX)Hello Autumn Boyfriend! (REX)After all, now’s about the time you need to find someone if you want to guarantee a Christmas present, and line up your Valentine’s day smug couple-ness. Then, of course, you can go your separate ways ready for carefree, sociable summer when it doesn’t feel so bad to be single.

Sure we’ve heard of the concept – who could forget the nauseating Craigslist ad by two ladies in the US hunting for an ‘autumn boyfriend’? But we had idea it was such a Thing.

But from messages popping up on social media warning us we’ve got but weeks left to ‘cuff’, to a spate of new ‘in a relationship’ status updates appearing on our Facebook feed, it seems this is something of a phenomenon.(Twitter)(Twitter)

(Twitter)(Twitter)(Twitter)(Twitter)And brands are getting in on it too.(Twitter)(Twitter)

You’d think it would be driven by snuggle-loving women, but actually it seems it’s the blokes who can’t face a winter alone. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s they who reduce their list of partner demands in order to snare a cuddly Christmas.

Then if they don’t get out before Valentine’s Day, they’re sure to make the break in March or April (weather dependent).

Magazine editor Chris Hines dubs it ‘winter goggles’ saying: “This time of year is definitely where those who were longing for a summer romance, and failed, or people who had a bit too much fun, seem to want to all of a sudden settle down.

“Why? Maybe it’s just the weather making people sad and everyone lowers their standards. I can imagine that previous six becoming a strong eight.”

But it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Autumn and winter is a great time to fall in love. There are romantic blustery walks to be had, snuggles in front of the fire (or radiator depending on your house), Christmas cheer, loads of wine and cosy nights in because the weather’s too pants to go outside.

Why wouldn’t you want to get temporarily coupled up?

So the take away? Boyfriends, unlike puppies: Really can be just for Christmas.