Sunday, June 26

Tarique now terms Bangabandhu Razakar

 Stating that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman banned the Awami League himself, BNP Senior Vice Chairman Tarique Rahman now says that the act makes the 1971 leader a “bigger Razakar.”

“Awami League claims that their party is the party of Liberation War. But, Sheikh Mujib banned Awami League himself. So, that makes Mujib a bigger Razakar,” he said.

“Sheikh Mujib never fought for the liberation of Bangladesh, he fought for the autonomy of East Pakistan. That is why he did not fight the war when he had the scope.”

The elder son of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia was speaking at a discussion arranged by BNP’s UK unit in East London’s The Atrium yesterday in regard to the nation’s 44th Victory Day.

Tarique repeatedly labeled Sheikh Mujib a ‘Pakbandhu’ in the past. On December 10, a Dhaka court issued arrest warrant against him for this comment.

Now, the man who himself drew flak in recent times for alleged distortion of history, claimed that it was the Awami League twisting the history of Liberation War for the past 40 years.

During his 1 hour and 45 minutes of speech yesterday, Tarique claimed that the family of Sheikh Mujib had no contribution to the Liberation War of Bangladesh.


“When lakhs of people were on the battlefield, Sheikh Mujib’s family was living a secure life in Dhaka under the watch of murderer Yahya’s military,” Tarique said.

 “AK Khandakar was the only Bangladeshi representative in the Pakistan military’s surrender on December 16, 1971. Now, when you label him as a Razakar, don’t you question the victory of Bangladesh?” he said pointing to the Awami League.

“Sheikh Mujib continued talks with Yahya Khan to become the prime minister of united Pakistan until the military attacked freedom-seeking people in the night of March 25.”

Tarique alleged that Awami League’s distortion of history began with strong efforts to establish Sheikh Mujib in the history and Liberation War of Bangladesh.

Terming, yet again, Ziaur Rahman the first president of Bangladesh, Tarique cited ‘The birth of a nation,’ written by his father and published in 1972, to say that Zia prepared himself for Bangladesh’s freedom from an early age.

“That is why Sheikh Mujib failed to declare war in time, but it was no problem for Ziaur Rahman,” Tarique alleged.


Tarique alleged that there was no democracy in the country.

“There is no democracy in the country. People doesn’t have religious freedom, freedom of speech. People don’t have their security anymore. Every day there is murder, enforced disappearances.”

“Sheikh Hasina is becoming involved herself with these enforced disappearances and murders to clasp the power into her hands,” Tarique alleged.

He dubbed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina multiple times as a “wrong-headed occupant” and said her party clutches the straw of ‘the spirit of Liberation War’ for salvation from any problem.

Tarique alleged that the January 5 elections and Sheikh Hasina government’s “illegal clinging on to power” following its passage were smearing ink on democracy.

“Awami League is double-mouthed. Their words and actions do not match. They term anyone Razakar these days, but it is in-fact they breeding Razakars in the country.”

Tarique said Sheikh Hasina’s relatives were Razakars themselves in 1971.

The programme was chaired by Shayesta Chowdhury, London unit BNP chief, and addressed by the party’s Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, BNP chairperson’s adviser Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin, BNP’s international affairs Secretary Mahidur Rahman among others.

Tarique Rahman is an accused of several cases at home who has been living in London for several years.