Wednesday, July 6

BNP expels 2 US-based leaders for faking statement



BNP has identified and expelled two of its US-based leaders for faking a statement of US House Committee on Foreign Affairs and six Congressmen condemning the confinement of party Chairperson Khaleda Zia.

The two leaders have been identified as Zahid Sardar and Mojibor Rahman, both special advisers to the party and based in the United States.

The announcement came from BNP’s Vice-Chairman Sadeque Hossain Khoka at a press briefing in New York on Tuesday local time, Syrul Kabir Khan, a staff of BNP chief Khaleda Zia’s media wing confirmed The Daily Star Online.

“A press release will soon be floated to the media in this regard,” Syrul said. “Zahid Sardar and Mojibor Rahman were appointed as special envoys to BNP in the US. Their appointment has been annulled in wake of the fraudulence.”

On January 8, IBTimes UK ran the fraudulent statement of the US body on foreign affairs and six Congressmen which was said to have been obtained from an aide of Khaleda’s elder son and BNP Senior Vice-Chairman Tarique Rahman.

Days later, the media withdrew its article and published a fresh one of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs blasting the “fraud” statement.

The BNP was “compelled” to launch an investigation in wake of the report.

This was another major alleged fraudulence of the BNP. Earlier, the party claimed Indian ruling party BJP chief Amit Shah had called up Khaleda for queries regarding her health which was later rubbished by Amit Shah himself.

Khoka, during announcement of the expulsion, said he was making the declaration under party banner since the “BNP chief is confined within her Gulshan office.”

He said he was in New York for treatments.