Tuesday, August 16

Royal Baby No. 2 Birth Announcement Goes Modern



A palace aide explains that when the hotly anticipated baby is finally born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, first a press release will be sent out to members of the media covering the story, then an electronic message will be going out via the Twitter handle @KensingtonRoyal “a couple of minutes later.” Tradition won’t be completely bucked, however, as the print version of the announcement will still eventually be posted on the easel in front of the Palace—just in time for onlookers to take selfies with.

So when is this royal birth happening, you ask? The Telegraph reports that Kate’s due date was Thursday, April 23 making her already four days overdue, and if Royal Baby #2 waits any longer, the Duchess of Cambridge just may be induced.

A source whose children were also born in the same private wing of the hospital Will and Kate are expected to give birth at shared that “The doctors don’t normally wait for more than a week [before inducing].” This would be the second time that Kate has gone past her due date, as Prince George was reportedly three days overdue himself!

And while the gender of the “spare” is not yet known, the current betting odds for a boy are 11:8 and girl is 8:15, with the name Alice as the most betted on. We guess only time will tell…

And the hashtag surrounding the little prince or princess-to-be? #royalbaby, of course!