Tuesday, February 27

UK drivers do not know the correct speed limit



More than a third of drivers do not know what the speed limit is on roads, a new study has revealed.

A survey of 2,000 UK drivers by the Co-operative Insurance found that 36% could not say what the national limit was on a dual carriageway, while one in eight gave the wrong answer for motorways (70mph for both).

A handful of those questioned thought the limit on dual carriageways was 80mph instead of 70mph.

Younger drivers were more likely to give the correct answer, while motorists in London had the least awareness of speed limits.

Steve Kerrigan of the Co-operative Insurance, said: “These figures show that all too often drivers are getting into their cars and driving with no real awareness of the speed limits in place.

“It is interesting that younger drivers – who are so often thought as being more dangerous – are so much more aware of national speed limits than older, often more experienced drivers.”