Tuesday, February 27

7 Places Where Dying Is Not Allowed



A view of Waverley Cemetery in Sydney. Many towns in Europe have urged their residents to become immortal. Death is usually considered the worst punishment possible for a crime.

But what if the crime itself is death? In several cities around the world, municipal officials have forbidden residents to die, by threat of…well, basically nothing. No one has come up with a good punishment for the dead just yet.

France and Italy are particularly prone to declaring death unlawful, mostly because it’s has proven to be a successful way to protest untenable restrictions against cemetery expansions. Because when there’s no room to bury people, the only acceptable choice is to outlaw the Grim Reaper.

Here are seven towns that have urged their residents to become immortal—or at least not die within city limits:


The mayor of this town in southern Italy decreed that getting sick was not an option for residents. With only 537 residents, the majority of whom are over 65, dying might kill the town itself.

So the ban, while unenforceable, is really meant to encourage people to stay healthy and take care of themselves. Anyone who doesn’t get a yearly checkup will be fined.