Friday, June 21

Gay Muslims campaign at Whitechapel station to encourage support for LGBT worshippers

Two gay London Muslims are launching a street campaign to change attitudes towards homosexuality within the Islamic community.

Ejel Khan and Sohail Ahmed will set up a stall outside Whitechapel station today where they will hand out leaflets and talk to the public. With support from activist Peter Tatchell, they hope to give confidence to gay Muslims and persuade mosques to welcome gay worshippers.

Mr Ahmed, 23, said the campaign could change lives and encourage young Muslims to be more open about their sexuality. He said: I always feared that Muslims and non-Muslims alike would view me negatively for being both Muslim and gay.

I thought that no one would understand me. I wish I had come across something like this during my darkest moments as a young gay Muslim. No one deserves to be alone’s