Wednesday, February 21

China uses mist cannons to counter pollution



If you have ever been to an amusement park on a hot summer day or (the more DIY approach) ran through a sprinkler in your front yard, you have been privy to the majesty of the mist… water mist that is.

There’s something about walking through this cloud of mini water droplets that revitalizes you on those days where the blazing sun is wearing down.

Well China may just have a completely different purpose for this machinery, and it’s pretty innovative, tackling a very concerning issue with China’s pollution problems.

China has tried everything from outsourcing their air to artistic stunts to garner the attention of officials and hopefully take some drastic measures to improve on the air pollution problems. I guess officials are listening and taking some creative efforts, enlisting these water misters as supplementary solution to the problem.

These mist cannons work by dispersing liquid into tiny particles and spraying into the air. The idea is that these tiny water particles catch and absorb the dust and smog, filtering the air and reducing potential respiratory issues. These mist cannons can produce water droplets as small as 10 microns.

You may be asking “how can something that small catch up all the smog China is facing?” – well picture billions of these micro droplets being pumped out every minute, catching the smog like a liquid net, a net that is about 328 feet wide and almost 200 feet high.

These misters also have very viable quality of being mobile, enabling the mist cannon to be hoisted on the back of a truck and driving around circulating this filtration system all around China’s districts. They also can set companies back a pretty penny costing upwards of $92,000, or a stationary model for around $12,000.