Monday, March 4

UK weather: Ice, sleet and lows of 8C possible as Arctic air blows through UK



Ice, sleet and lows of 8C possible as Arctic air blows through UK. Ice, sleet and snow is expected in the north of England and in Scotland as fresh Arctic air blows through the UK this week, bringing down temperatures to as low as 8 degrees Celsius.

Car owners have been warned of hazardous driving conditions after the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for ice across much of Scotland, the north west of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and the West Midlands for Wednesday morning.

Heavy showery rain moving through the west of England with the risk of hail and thunder is expected to bring snow to parts of the north of England on Wednesday, and to high ground in Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and the hills of Wales.

But temperatures across are set to fall in general due to Arctic air currently blowing through the UK. Tuesday is set to be the coldest night of the year with recordings of -3C in the north and -1C in the south, while Saturday night could see rural spots and parts of the north drop as low as 8C.

While the south is not expected to see snow this week, there is a risk of sleet in London on Friday.

Emma Sillitoe, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “As December was the mildest on record it will be feeling remarkably cold for people, though it is typical January weather. However, it will be a contrast to what people are used to this winter.

There hasn’t been much ice on the road this winter so it could take some people by surprise, she added.