Sunday, December 10

UK weather: Bitterly cold weekend ahead as snow and ice forecast



Weather forecasters have warned of freezing temperatures and snowy conditions in Britain this weekend, when temperatures could drop to -14C causing chaos on the roads and for rail travellers.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples told the Daily Telegraph: “There are still snow showers to come for northern and western parts this evening. Overnight Northern Ireland, western and northern parts of Scotland and down through Wales might see a few centimetres.”

The snow could move as far south as Cornwall and Dartmoor, while the east coast is expected to be worst hit, with snow reaching as far as the Thames Estuary and Kent.

Meteorologist Leon Brown at The Weather Channel tells us a frosty and dry weekend is ahead for much of the country, with plenty of sunshine too.

“Saturday night will be the coldest with a widespread moderate to severe frost,” he says. “Minus 12 to 14C looks possible where there is a good covering of snow on the ground in central and southern Scotland, and -3 to -6C over central Britain with a few frost hollows dipping to -7 or -8C.”

For next week, Mr Brown explains that milder Atlantic weather will try to push in from the west, but may take a while to warm up.

“It will start frosty and cold on Monday, but the far west is likely to be more cloudy and with some rain over Ireland reaching west Wales and southwest England, giving little sleet and snow over higher ground. It could briefly edge even further east to central Britain too before dying out.

“The middle of next week will remain cold with frosts, but turn a lot milder by Thursday to Friday with strong southwest winds and perhaps gales again over the north and west. Some heavy rain is also likely.”

He adds that temperatures by the end of the week should be back up to 12 to even 14C in the south.