Wednesday, February 21

Isis threatens attacks on Spain in latest propaganda video

This map, showing the areas Isis plans to have under its control by 2020, was widely shared in 2014 (Picture: [copyright]) Isis have threatened attacks on Spain in their latest propaganda video, declaring: “We will recover our land from the invaders.”

A map was previously shared showing the areas Isis plans to have under control by 2020, including Spain and large parts of Asia and Africa.

The video shows an ancient map of the Iberian Peninsula turning red, the Daily Express reports, as part of the militant group’s goal to expand its boundaries into Europe.

Spain was ruled by Muslims after it was invaded in 711 by largely Moorish armies from North Africa, later becoming part of the Umayyad caliphate. Muslim rule declined after the 10th century and ended in 1492.

Three Moroccan-born men were arrested in Spain in November, accused of preparing to launch a Charlie Hebdo-inspired attack in Madrid.

Europe’s deadliest attack by Islamist militants happened in Spain in 2004, when a series of bomb attacks on Madrid commuter trains killed 191 people.

More than 100 people from Spain are feared to have travelled to join Isis militants in Syria and Iraq.