Friday, June 21

Mom’s Last Lunch Note to Son Reduces Internet to Tears



A note from mom can make a basic school lunch seem much more special, and one mother who recently came to the end of her lunch-making career left her son a note that ‘s been reducing Internet users to tears.

According to Rocket News 24, a Japanese high school student named Yuki opened his lunch on the last day of high school before graduation to find the same type of bento his mother had been making him every day for his entire school career. Now he was graduating, though, and his mother realised that this would be the last bento she’d be making him.

The note was so moving that Yuki took a picture of the note and posted it to Twitter, saying that it was his last day of high school and his mother had sent him this note with the bento.

According to Rocket News 24’s translation, she wrote:

“To Yuki

We’ve come to the final bento of your high-school life. Thank you for eating each and every one. Through these bentos we were able to communicate more. I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to make a bento for you again, so I hope you really enjoy this one. Your high school life was lots of fun, wasn’t it? There’s only a little time left, so enjoy it with your friends.

Thank you. From Mom”

Other commenters were moved by the note, saying that Yuki had a great mom, and that the letter made them cry. Yuki seemed similarly moved.

“Thanks for the last three years, mom,” he wrote.