Monday, March 4

Parents of Jihadi Jack arrested after trying to send him money to buy GLASSES



The parents of Jihadi Jack have revealed they were arrested after trying to send him money to buy GLASSES. Jack Letts is suspected of fighting for ISIS, an accusation he and his family strongly deny.

Tonight, his parents revealed their son has severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – and that they were arrested when they tried to help their son.

They appeared in their first TV interview with Channel 4, when they revealed their fear that Jack – believed to be in Syria- “won’t get out alive”.

Jack left his Oxford home aged 20 and travelled to the ISIS stronghold.

He is now called Ibrahim and is believed to be married with a son.

His parents were arrested after trying to send him money for new glasses, as police told them they were supporting terrorism.

Mum Sally said: “It’s the worst feeling in the world.

“You feel completely helpless.

“Your child is out there.

“They have no support.

“They’re still reliant on you.

“He’s sending desperate messages to us saying its cold or he doesn’t have food or he can’t see we know that legally we’re not allowed to help him.

“I just don’t understand that.”

John added: “We told them (the police) everything, constantly consistently told them everything we know.

“We don’t know exactly where he is.

“Even if you know he’s in danger or can’t see straight, what parent isn’t going to try get their child a pair of glasses if he can’t see straight. And it’s really hard.

“A feeling of utter powerlessness even though we’ve tried to co-operate as best we can.

“I’m furious really.

“I’m very upset.

“I think it’s crazy that we can’t send a penny to our ill son to help him get out or to help him in any way because we’ll be seen as supporting terrorism.

“Your child is about to fall off a cliff and they (the police) are holding you back even though he’s crawling forward to the edge and they won’t let you help him.

“He can’t even see where he’s going and they won’t let you stop him.

“How does that make you feel as a father?

“Any parent’s going to act the way we have and feel the way we do.

“You wouldn’t be a parent if you didn’t try to protect your child.”

They also addressed rumours their son was fighting for ISIS, after he told them he was travelling to the Middle East to study Arabic in Kuwait.

His family have previously denied any links to terrorism and said that “95 percent” of media reports were incorrect.

“I know people will say well he’ll lie to you.

“We know he won’t lie about his religion because anything to do with his religion he thinks he’ll go straight to hell.

“So we know that we can count on that.

“And a year and a half of being a fighter, I think if he was a fighter, Jack is the sort of person who would tell us.

“And most of the people out there who are fighting, they’re quite open about the fact that they’re fighting.”

John added: “He has the freedom to practice whatever he wants, that’s British values.

“But they’ve put two and two together and made ten from what I can see and they’re doing it with us.

“It’s so unfair, but if there is any evidence that he’s done anything violent, if anyone can proof any of these allegations …

“If you can show me any of that I’ll be the first to believe it and I’ll be the first to report it.

“Because I don’t want a son who would do that type of thing, because that is not how he was raised, and I don’t think that’s him.

“That is not the kid that I recognise.”

They revealed their son’s struggle with mental health since he was diagnosed with “a very severe mental health disability” – OCD.

His dad said it got so serious, he couldn’t read or write without performing routines or he would suffer from “serious anxiety”.

The couple said this disability and other factors make them fear he won’t come home alive.

John said: “I think it will end badly, I don’t want it to, he’s my first son, and he could still do a lot of good things.”

Sally added: “My greatest fear is that he won’t get out of this alive.”