Wednesday, November 29

Theresa May claims extremism is contributing to exploiting mass migration



Extremism is both contributing to and exploiting mass migration, the Home Secretary has warned.

Speaking in Washington, Theresa May urged the UK’s partners in the Five Eyes security alliance – the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – to work together against terrorism.

Ms May called for better information sharing and a more thorough exchange of terrorist finance details, saying tackling terrorism is the “challenge of our generation”.

She asked the UK’s partners to extend “the successful co-operation between our countries on issues of national security which we have built over past decades”.

“I am clear that defeating terrorism requires a global response, and that we will not succeed by acting in isolation,” she said.

She challenged the alliance to help vulnerable states improve their ability to respond to terrorism, prevent people becoming radicalised and develop a comprehensive and coherent response to terrorism.

She added: “Extremism is spreading, threatening and taking lives, not just in our countries but in other lands. It thrives in the disorder created by fragile and failing states.

It is contributing to, and in some cases exploiting, mass migration. It is turning the benefits of modern technology to its twisted ends.