Friday, June 21

Top ten most hated professions



There are some professions that it’s hard to love. There may be lovely traffic wardens – and debt collectors who are wonderful human beings – but they’ll have an uphill struggle to convince anyone of their good points. We reveal ten of the most hated professions – and why.

10. Bouncer

They may be useful for breaking up pub brawls, but those who have been unlucky enough to get up close and personal with a bouncer will know they can get very carried away with the power they have been given. On the other hand, it’s easy to understand why bouncers get easily riled up when you see the state people get themselves into on a night out!

9. Mechanic

For a lot of us, a trip to the mechanic can be pretty stressful, especially when we don’t know anything about fixing cars. This also puts us entirely in the hands of the mechanic, leaving them to treat us (and charge us) as they feel fit. You may just go in for an oil change, but there’s a good chance you’ll come out with a lot more than that.

8. Car salesperson

The old stereotype has been around since the first model went on the market. Whether you’re buying new or used, there is nothing more annoying than having to deal with a money-starved salesperson who would sell you rust on wheels if it would make them money.

7. Paparazzi

Us normal folk tend to have a hard time feeling sorry for celebrities what with all their money and fame, but sometimes the paparazzi take it too far. Even the most famous of people do deserve to be able to walk from their car to a restaurant or hotel without being blinded by hundreds of flashing cameras.

6. Parking wardens

Trying to find somewhere to park in any built up city is hard enough, without having to worry about whether you’re allowed to park there and trying to work out how much you owe. Even when you do find somewhere you can park, you’ll likely have to trek 10 minutes to find a parking meter to pay for the pleasure.

There’s also that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you come back to your car only to find that pricey little ticket sitting on your windshield!

5. Dentist

Who really enjoys going to the dentist? Having teeth pulled, visiting the hygienist, having fillings: none of it constitutes a fun day out! It doesn’t come cheaply either, even going to a NHS dentist for a check up will set you back nearly £20 and that doesn’t include any other procedures they might have to do.

4. Lawyer

In the 16th century one of Shakespeare’s characters famously said: “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” More than 400 years later and lawyers still aren’t exactly top of the popularity pile when it comes to professions. There are some great lawyers in the world but there are also many amoral, unethical and self-serving ambulance chasers that seek only to benefit from the misfortunes of others.

3. Politician

From the extreme to the stupid, politicians come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain, even the most noble of leaders can be hiding something and they often make promises they can’t keep.

2. Debt collector

Although it may not be the debt collector’s fault that you’re in debt, they’re definitely the last people you want to see when you’ve hit hard times. Spotting them heading towards your door is guaranteed to fill you with a mixture of anxiety, hatred and fear.

1. Telemarketer

Whether they’re peddling legitimate services or taking advantage of the elderly and vulnerable, there’s really never a good time to get that call. In fact telemarketing is so annoying that it has actually been deemed illegal in some places. This seemingly soulless person on the end of the phone inflicts on you a script that is clearly not written for a human audience.