Wednesday, November 29

100 Year Old Grandmother Steals The Show As Granddaughter’s Bridesmaid



We’re sorry, this video cannot be played from your current location. Every little girl dreams of her perfect wedding.

For Vita Cresswell, her dream wedding was one that her grandmother could attend. But when the day came, she took it one step further and gave the 100-year-old to take a starring role — as bridesmaid.

“I was quite overwhelmed about the idea of getting married. I don’t like all the fuss,” the 29-year-old from England told

She said she couldn’t figure out how brides come up with the perfect date, so when she realized her grandmother’s 100th birthday was coming up, she decided that it must have been a sign.

“She always wanted to see us getting married, it just made sense,” Cresswell said.

So Cresswell and her husband-to-be, Gary Whineray, decided to marry on April 8. They made a trip to her grandmother’s home to discuss plans for their big day.

Over Scrabble, Cresswell recalled discussing flowers and other wedding plans when all of a sudden, her grandma, Martha Wallbank, asked: “Am I a bridesmaid?”

“Gary and I looked at each other and thought, ‘Why not?'” she laughed. “She’s always been so involved in my life. She just deserves it.”

When April 8 rolled around, Cresswell said her grandmother got up extra early to get ready and even color-coordinated with the other bridesmaids, her two sisters and her sister-in-laws to be.

When the vicar veered from the schedule and said, “I believe it’s someone’s special day,” Cresswell said her grandmother was quick to her wits. She shot her hand up and exclaimed: “Me!”

“Everyone just started singing ‘happy birthday,’ including grandma. She was just there waving her hands and bopping her head to ‘happy birthday’, and she clapped for herself,” Cresswell said. They even tied a special birthday balloon to her wheelchair.

“I was worried about stealing all the limelight,” Cresswell told Mercury Press, “but it seemed to be about fifty-fifty.”

Cresswell said her grandmother has always had an excellent relationship with her now-husband, whom she has been with for eight years: “She just dotes on him, she loves him to death,”If she loves him as much as she loved her (late) husband, I’ve obviously picked a good one,” Cresswell told