Monday, July 15

Family Guy spoofed Donald Trump, angering republican fans



In a bid for their first Emmy nomination, the show’s creators released an image of their titular character, Peter Griffin, looking particularly orange and with ridiculous blonde hair.

“As long as we’re voting for loud dumbmouths, can I get an Emmy?” reads the photo’s caption. Of course, as you likely suspected, they’re making fun of the Republican’s Presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Although MacFarlane is an avid Bernie Sanders supporter, some fans have been caught off guard by the cartoon, with some vowing never to watch the show again.

The official Family GuyFacebook page posted the story, with commentators underneath expressing their outrage. “Wehhhh he’s a loud mouth is all you can say as you mock the majority of REAL Americans voting for him. Trump is going to be president deal with it,” writes one social media user.

Another comment, with over 850 likes, reads “Family Guy literally became less funny as they hired more and more liberal writers,” while another user states: “TRUMP is the only candidate being loyal to the USA, and the only one who understands what’s going on at the border and within our borders.”

Some people took shots at the show’s creator (“Seth McFarlane is a liberal socialist douche”) with one person stating “Years of watching every episode of family guy, no more” – a comment that has acquired 180 likes as of writing.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is gaining huge amounts of support in the US, the republican race pretty much coming to a halt as Ted Cruz and John Kasich abandoned their campaigns.