Wednesday, January 19

Russia warned Erdogan about cope attempt



The coup attempt in Turkey was thwarted thanks to intel provided by Tehran and Moscow, according to several Arab news outlets. Iran’s Fars News Agency (FNA) and news outlets in Syria reported that government officials in Ankara revealed that Erdogan “received a warning” from Russia hours before the attempted coup. In addition, it was reported that Erdogan consulted the Iranian government on how to thwart the coup.

According to the reports, senior level Russian officials told Erdogan last Friday, hours before the coup, that an inevitable military attempt to overthrow him will take place in the near future.

Russian military officials stated that encoded and highly sensitive messages that were sent to and from Turkish military officials indicating that the Turkish army was planning to stage a coup were intercepted. One of the messages included instructions for military helicopters to arrive at the resort where Erdogan was staying in order to arrest or kill the Turkish President.

The sources said that the information was gathered by Russian military units in Syria and passed on to Turkey in a surprising move in light of the tensions between Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. “Erdogan changed his policy towards Russia when he apologized for downing the Russian plane.

This led to the coup against him but also saved him because of the cooperation with the Kremlin,” the sources explained. The reports also claimed that officials in Tehran claimed that they advised Erdogan to call on his supporters to take to the streets and thereby suppress the coup.