Tuesday, August 16

Clinton officially announced as Democratic candidate for the US presidency



The Democratic Convention officially elected Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Candidate. Clinton is now the first female presidential candidate who received the nomination from one of the two main political parties in the US.

Hillary Clinton was a First Lady, US Senator, and US Secretary of State but now she reached a new climax in her political career. Hillary Clinton was officially elected to be the Democratic candidate for the US presidency, the first woman in American history to achieve such a status.

The traditional roll call progressed at a satisfactory rate for Clinton, who needed the support of 2,382 delegates. Although the results were known in advance, the Clinton campaign was concerned that the email scandal surrounding the Democratic Party intervening in order to sabotage Bernie Sanders would harm the Democratic Convention.

Even the polls yesterday showed that Trump is ahead of Clinton, a figure that greatly disturbed Clinton’s campaign.

Democratic Party officials hoped that former US President Bill Clinton would be able to alter the problematic atmosphere that emerged following the email scandal and protests from Bernie Sanders supporters who felt cheated.

At the Democratic Convention, he stated the following about Clinton: “She insatiably curious, she’s a natural leader, she’s a good organizer, and she’s the best darn change maker I have ever seen in my life.” Clinton referred to Donald Trump as the “cartoon alternative.”