Tuesday, May 28

Prisoners being shifted to newly build Keraniganj central jail



Prisoners from Dhaka Central Jail are being shifted to newly-built central jail in Keraniganj amid additional security as the process started early Friday.

The jail authorities started the shifting process around 5:30 am and it will continue till Saturday evening, said sources from Dhaka Central Jail, reports unb.

Around 800 police personnel have been deployed in and around the Dhaka Central Jail to avert any untoward incident or ensure that the shifting process runs smoothly.

Sources at the Dhaka Central Jail said 6,000 prisoners will be shifted to the new jail on Friday and Saturday.

Inspector General (IG) of Prisons Brig Gen Syed Iftekhar Hossain himself is monitoring the transfer process of prisoners.

All-out security measures have been taken deploying police, Rab and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies in different strategic points on roads leading to the new central jail from old one.

Earlier on April 10, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated the new Dhaka Central Jail in Keraniganj.

Though the prisoners were scheduled to be shifted to the new central jail by April, it had not been possible for various reasons, including security.

The new central jail has been built on 194.41 acres of land costing total Tk406 crore.

Of the 4,000 accommodation capacity in the new central jail, 100 seats have been arranged for male adolescents, 30 for mentally-challenged male prisoners, 200 for woman inmates, 40 for female adolescent prisoners, 20 for female mentally-challenged prisoners.

Besides, 60 classified wards and 400 cells have also been constructed for dangerous prisoners.

A 200-bed hospital and a daycare centre have also been set up on the new jail premises at Rajendrapur under South Keraniganj, adjacent to Dhaka-Mawa Highway.