Tuesday, May 28

The Republican Party could be on its way to a revolt



Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, who swept the Republican Party by storm, is beginning to stagnate: He’s sinking in the polls and has a new scandal wrapped around him nearly every day.

As a result, voices are rising up against him within his own party, calling for a revolt. A radical scenario for his replacement has even been weighed if senior party officials can convince him to resign of his own will.

The Republican Presidential Nominee is sinking in the polls and has a new scandal wrapped around him nearly every day – sometimes even twice a day. Currently, the decreased support in Trump and his controversial remarks have led to party members calling to rebel against him.

There is a sense of losing control within Trump’s big show: The large amount of scandals he’s gotten himself into – including the clash with the Muslim family who lost their son in Iraq, his strange relationship with Putin, along with the request that Russia hack into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail, and the quote associated with him in which he wondered why the US doesn’t use its nuclear weapons – are causing rifts within the Republican Party.

Even within his campaign headquarters there is deep frustration, as many wonder why Trump insists on conducting these strange fights, claiming that he is diverting his campaign into a dead end.

Heavy Republican donors now sitting on the fence are refusing to open their wallets and even the party leadership has clearly and explicitly expressed their disapproval of him.

Two major Republicans against Trump’s candidacy are Senator John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan. In an unprecedented response, Trump announced that he will not be supporting either one of them in the race for Senate and Congress, which has never happened in the party before.

As a result, the Republican Party is considering an incomprehensible scenario: Replacing Trump with another presidential candidate. The only problem is that in order for the scenario to work, Trump would need to resign of his own will, which is a very unlikely situation.