Monday, March 4

Human Barbie with waist trainer obsession discovers the damage



Barbie doll Pixee Fox has gone to extreme measures to trim her waist down to a tiny 16 inches and she still doesn’t think it’s small enough.

But she’s in for a shock when she finds out what her tummy shrinking corset is doing to her insides.

Pixee stunned the audience when she appeared on Dr. Oz wearing a tiny 16 inch corset and shocks the audience even more when she reveals she plans to go down to a 14 inch corset.

It doesn’t bother me at all, I’m used to wearing it, she says when Dr. Oz asks if it’s comfortable.

But a worried Dr. OZ replies: “I’m concerned this is more of a gateway drug – you are doing things to yourself that are irreversible.”

Pixee then drops another bombshell and reveals she had six ribs removed to be “able to corset even tighter”.

“Did you have a tough time finding a surgeon to do it? That’s an extreme operation,” he asks.

“It was only when I got to the US and started to know doctors…” Pixiee, who used to live in Sweden, says before Dr. Oz cut her off.

“As a surgeon I can’t imagine putting a woman under anesthesia to take out ribs.”

The TV host then demonstrates just how much damage Pixee is doing to her body by constantly shrinking her waist.

“I laid these organs out the best I could within the outline of how they should be. With the waist drawn in here there’s just right amount of room for what’s in there. They’re real human organs so they are exactly the way they’re supposed to be in anybody’s body.

“When you take your waist trainer you roughly only have five inches in here,” he says as they both push in the waist area.

“What ends up happening is that the organs like the lungs get squished in here because they’re leaving the body. The heart gets pushed on. The stomach gets squeezed so you can’t digest food. The intestines get crunched up in here.

“So when you take off the corset you have organs that have now been moved away from the way they were supposed to be in your body.”

“But what happens when you’re pregnant?” she asks.

“Yes, when you’re pregnant you release hormones that allow your body to get larger but then it bounces back.”

“Do you think this is good for you?” Dr. Oz presses.

“I think what I’m doing is not damaging by body. I haven’t been pushing my body at all,” she insists.

She continued: “I think I project a healthy lifestyle. If I can achieve this – you can achieve anything.”