Monday, December 11

Police warning over Purple Ninja Turtle ecstasy tablets when 16 year old girl dies



Police released this image of the pills Police have issued a warning over use of a type of ecstasy tablet after a sixteen-year-old girl died following a house party.

It is believed the youngster was treated for a suspected overdose at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The teenager was taken to the hospital from a house in Newtongrange and police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

Police say the investigation is at an early stage but have warned about two types of ecstasy tablets.

The two tablets are known as Red Bugatti Veyron and Purple Ninja Turtle.

Among the pills being warned about are ‘Red Bugatti Veyron’

Anyone who has taken these tablets is urged to seek immediate medical attention.

Those in possession of the tablets should not take them, police say.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police in Midlothian are investigating after the death of a 16 year old female at an address in Newtongrange on Saturday 15th October.

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