Monday, March 4

Get familiar with the term privatization



Come Jan. 3, Congressional Republicans will be pushing two plans: House Speaker Paul Ryan will move to end Medicare as we know it and to privatize it by giving vouchers, forcing seniors on a fixed income to go shopping for affordable medical insurance.

Speaking of privatization, Donald Trump’s economic advisers have floated a plan to pay for his promised massive infrastructure bill. Their plan: Allow private investment firms to invest 20 percent of the cost and recoup their money through tolls on highways and bridges. Notice the pattern — privatize and turn over the profit to wealthy investors?

Be very familiar with the term “privatization” because that is the plan. These two will be fast-tracked by Republicans and we need to be ready with a response.

Do we want to have Interstate Highways 80 or 35 be toll roads or have a Wells Fargo Bridge over the Cedar River? Do we want to turn over the health and well-being of future seniors to Aetna instead of a national insurance program that has been extremely successful for 50 years?

Be assured they will not stop with these two issues — next are schools, National Parks, U.S. Postal Service and prisons. Let Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Joni Ernst, Rep. Steve King, Rep. David Young, etc., hear you.