Wednesday, April 24

Single dad reveals the 5 things he wishes people would stop asking him



Being a single parent can be difficult without adequate support, but for single fathers it can mean a whole different set of challenges.

Michael Ray, father of four-year-old Charlie, finds that going out in public with his daughter can be hard when strangers – often women – feel the need to make comments about his parenting.

Ray told kidspot:

“Women are mostly supportive but some say patronising things.

The majority of women I encounter are wonderful and so supportive and complementary but while I’m aware that our family situation is slightly different from the norm it shouldn’t be seen as anything different to a single mum.”

There are five questions in particular, which Ray often has to deal with:

1. How do you manage?

Like every other parent.

2. Are you baby-sitting today/is daddy in charge today?

No, still parenting.

3. Do you want to call your wife and check?

It’s usually said in the chemist or a hairdresser’s when I’m trying to decide which product to purchase for my girl. I can probably read the label, thanks.

4. Who does her hair and nails?

Still parenting. Plus YouTube tutorials.

5. I bet you would have loved a son?

Formerly a boxer, currently a personal trainer and multiple Australian power-lifting record holder… I think the inference is I’m more qualified to mentor a little boy than my princess?