Monday, March 4

Brexit challenger hits back at Leave voters



The businesswoman spearheading the Brexit legal challenge has told impatient Leave voters they should “go and knock on Number 10”.

Gina Miller, an investment manager and philanthropist, has become the figurehead of the legal challenge which argues Theresa May should not be able to trigger Article 50 to begin Brexit proceedings without a vote by MPs.

On 3 November, the High Court ruled in favour of Mrs Miller and the Government appealed, sending the case to the Supreme Court.

The country’s top judges have spent the past four days hearing arguments from both sides and a final decision is expected in January.

Ms Miller, 51, spoke to Sky’s Political Editor Faisal Islam after the conclusion of the Supreme Court hearing on Thursday evening.

When asked what she would say to the 52% who voted to leave the European Union and who might say the whole court process was simply slowing things down, she replied:

I would say to all 52% (who voted to leave the EU): go and knock on No 10 and ask why we’re here in the Supreme Court.

The High Court judgement was very clear and would have given them that time to get on and draft the bill that takes us out of Parliament.

I think they should be asking Mrs May: Why are we in the Supreme Court?

Ms Miller told Sky News she thought the Government’s appeal had backfired, adding: “By bringing this appeal they allowed even more cans of worms to be opened.

There are more questions arisen in this case than at the lower court and that would have been avoided if the appeal had not been taken.

Ms Miller has paid a heavy price for challenging the Brexit process, saying she has received a series of racist messages on social media and in letters and phone calls.

When asked what she would say to the people behind these messages, she replied: “I’d say to those people – you have to try and understand that, in all walks of life, be it driving a car or buying a house, there is a process.

“You can’t just jump in a car and decide you’re going to drive it – you have to have a licence, you have to have insurance – there is a process.”

Brexit challenger Gina Miller tells Leave voters: ‘Go knock on No 10’Ms Miller said leaving the EU was “the most enormous decision” but that there “was no process”.

She added: “This case is about asserting that process to make sure we leave in the best possible way.”