Tuesday, June 25

This new plane could fly from the UK to New York in 20 minutes



How great would it be if you could travel to the other side of the Atlantic in the same amount of time it takes you to get to work in the morning?

While this sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, those dreams might just become reality soon thanks to the invention of the new Antipode plane, which professes to be capable of transporting passengers from London to New York in TWENTY MINUTES.

Seriously, drying my hair takes longer than that.

This new plane could fly from the UK to New York in 20 minutesBut the rocket jet could seriously achieve such a feat. As METRO reports, the plane would travel at supersonic speeds after take off, which would probably feel more like blast off, and would ultimately reach an acceleration of a staggering 24 times the speed of sound.

Concorde who?

National magazine company ltd (Hearst UK)The brains behind the invention is Canadian designer Charles Bombardier. He explained it would work using the concept long penetration mode (get your mind out of the gutter) to channel air super speedily via a nozzle on its nose, meaning it could travel at 18,264 miles per hour.

That’s a casual ten times faster than the Concorde flew.

Before you have images of being blasted into space, the jet only flies at 40,000 feet – not dissimilar to the current commercial planes we’re used to.

National magazine company ltd (Hearst UK)While this sounds great and all, if it does ever make it to the mainstream market, it’s going to be expensive. The aircraft will apparently only seat 10 people, so you can probably imagine how much one of those places would cost.

Looks like the future could be here sooner than we thought, then?