Tuesday, July 16

Severe weather warning across parts of UK as temperatures drop



A severe weather warning is in place across parts of the country, telling people to be aware of icy conditions.

It comes as icy patches were likely to form on Wednesday night, particularly in areas that saw showers.

Clear spells on Wednesday night meant a chance of temperatures dropping below freezing, allowing the ice to form.

The Met Office warning, in place until 10am on Thursday, highlights the dangers of untreated surfaces such as pavements, cycle paths and some minor roads.

It is in place for Yorkshire and Humber, the East Midlands and the east of England.

Charles Powell from the Met Office said: Temperatures will be getting lowish, with some dropping below freezing.

The icy conditions are likely to be seen in the east where some showers are expected. But the cloud means temperatures will not be desperately low.

He added that temperatures would be lower further inland, with parts of the Midlands looking at lows of minus 6C.