Wednesday, August 10

Cow only animal to inhale: exhales oxygen: Indian Minister



Cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales Oxygen, said the Eduction Minister of India’s Rajasthan Vasudev Devnani, reports Indian media.

The minister made the statement on Saturday while addressing an event organised by Akshay Patra foundation at the Hingonia Goshala.

Underscoring the scientific significance of the cow, Vasudev Devnani said, The cow is the only animal that takes in oxygen and also releases oxygen.

There is a need to understand the scientific significance of the cow and ensure that the message reaches all people, he added.

The minister’s assertion about cows goes against the claims made by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, which in a 2006 report held livestock, including cows, responsible for large amounts of GHG emissions, from their digestive systems as well as manure decay, reports the Hindustan Times.