Wednesday, February 21

Hero SAS sniper kills three ISIS terrorists with ONE bullet



An SAS sniper killed three ISIS terrorists with a single bullet, it has been claimed.

The expert shooter slaughtered the militants after his bullet passed through two of them before it ricocheted and hitting another in the neck.

His bullet hit the first terrorist in the head killing him instantly and travelled through to hit another in the chest.

It then bounced off a wall and hit the third in the neck, reports the Daily Star Sunday.

The incident apparently happened in November during a mission in a remote village near to Mosul, Iraq.

When prisoners tried to flee the ISIS gunmen, they reportedly opened fire with machine guns.

SAS troops stepped in to control them, as the crack sniper set about taking them out with an L115A sniper rifle loaded with .338 Lapua Magnum bullets.

Islamic State fighters are using drones to drop individual grenades on Iraqi forces .

The improvised weapons consist of a plastic tube attached to a camera drone.

The devices have been used in the last desperate stage of the battle for the former ISIS stronghold of Mosul .

Pictures of the weapons were taken by former US Army special forces officer Mitch Utterback, who was in the country as a journalist.

Last week a US Army commander said ISIS fighters were using such weapons as they tried to avoid losing control of the city.