Thursday, December 7

Theresa May awkward photo shoot moment in school visit



Theresa may sits with year six pupils during a visit to Captain Shaw’s Primary School, Bootle. While Theresa May managed to successfully steer clear of awkward questions surrounding the nuclear industry and healthcare in a flying visit to Copeland on Wednesday, a photo opportunity didn’t quite go to plan.

As part of the Conservatives charm offensive in the region ahead of the crucial by-election next week, aides to the Prime Minister found space in Ms May’s diary for leisure time with year six pupils at Captain Shaw’s Primary School in Bootle.

The result: a series of images of the Prime Minister grimacing at small children as they excitedly showed her their Lego creations.

Theresa May (R) and Conservative Party candidate for the upcoming by-election, Trudy Harrison (L) sit with year six pupils. Some social media users drew parallels to the image of the former premier David Cameron and a six-year-old girl, who was momentarily overcome as he read a book to her classmates.

At the time the young girl, Lucy Howarth, pulled a series of faces and ended up resting her head on table after being forced to sit next to Mr Cameron. Others pointed to the awkward moment when school children refused to pass the ball in a playground to then-Chancellor George Osborne.

I have been blown away by the children, Ms May said after the pupils gave a demonstration of their Lego robot alongside the party’s candidate for the by-election, Trudy Harrison. In comments reported by the local newspaper the News & Star, Ms May added: It’s been a great visit. This is a fantastic school and it is her because of Trudy and the community coming together and recognising the school is at the heart of the community.

In her 30-minute visit to the constituency Ms May was, however, accused of “ducking” questions on the closure of a maternity ward in Copeland as she refused to say whether she would intervene to stop plans to downgrade services in the area.