Wednesday, November 29

Corbyn’s older brother says Labour leader will win general election by bypassing media like Trump



General election 2017 Jeremy Corbyn will bypass traditional media outlets with the same degree of success that outsider-turned-president Donald Trump did, the Labour leader’s older brother has predicted.

In an interview with The Telegraph, 70-year-old Piers Corbyn hit out at the media coverage his brother receives, claiming that news organisations like the BBC are treating him unfairly.

He added that he believes shy Corbynistas will come out in force to support Corbyn and deliver him the result he wants in the general election on 8 June.

The BBC is evil and they will carry on being evil, Piers said. At every opportunity they criticise him [Jeremy].

Why? The BBC have never been so biased against any party leader as now. That is because Jeremy stands for something different.

Jeremy Corbyn stands against the globalist elitist Establishment and the BBC has been in the past and in the present [a part of that].

He added: The alternative media will help Jeremy. That happened with Donald Trump.

Floundering in polls

Corbyn is currently down by roughly 20 points in most opinion polls and it is predicted that Labour could lose dozens of seats come June.

However, Piers an astrophysicist by trade, who runs a weather forecasting business – is not perturbed by the predictions, citing Trump and Brexit as examples of how they can be inaccurate.

I think Jeremy can get a reasonable majority, said Piers.

The general election is all that counts. The polls are biased. There are shy Corbynistas. The polls are absolutely under-representing him.

I correctly forecast Trump’s victory months ahead and that Brexit would happen and people didn’t believe me.

Launching his general election campaign on Thursday (20 April), Jeremy Corbyn will promise that a Labour government will “put the interests of the majority first” and oppose the “cosy cartel” running the UK.