Monday, February 26

Paris woman comes back to life one hour after being declared dead



A woman in France has reportedly come back to life one hour after being declared dead.

The 49-year-old collapsed to the floor after a suspected heart attack at her home in Paris on Wednesday.

She was found by her daughter, aged 18, and paramedics raced to the scene to try and resuscitate her.

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, the woman was declared dead by the medics at 6.10pm and her death certificate was signed.

But one hour later, two police officers turned up and were stunned to find there was movement in her stomach and her heart was beating.

They carried out CPR and around half an hour later the woman was breathing again, the BBC reported.

Branch secretary of police union the Alliance Police nationale Yvan Assioma said: Our colleagues thought they were in an episode of The Walking Dead!