Tuesday, May 28

The Queen wants William and Harry to be more like Philip



The Queen wants William and Harry to be more like Philip With the news Prince Philip is officially retiring from his royal duties, reports out of the UK claim Queen Elizabeth will be making several major changes to the structure and dynamic of the monarchy.

And the first big shake-up involves the British Royal Family’s star players.

According to The Sun, the 91-year-old ruler is advising her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry to stop soul-baring and opening up about their feelings, and instead take a leaf out of Prince Philip’s book and embrace the Windsor’s more hardened approach to formal engagements.

There’s no denying their mental health campaign on behalf of Heads Together has been ground-breaking.

Recently the brothers, along with the Duchess of Cambridge, have thrown the royal rule book out the window while addressing everything from counselling, anxiety, grieving the loss of Princess Diana and anger management.

The Queen reportedly wants William and Harry to be more stoic, like Prince Philip.

Their message is loud and clear they want to get people talking about mental health and it’s working.

But with the Duke of Edinburgh stepping down, the royal trio are reportedly going to have less time for their passion projects and will have to absorb more state functions to support The Queen.

As successful as that campaign was, it might be that soul-baring isn’t what Buckingham Palace is looking for, an insider revealed to The Sunday Times.

The direct impact [of Prince Philip’s retirement] will be that the Cambridges will be expected to step up and undertake more state business and do less of their campaign work.

The feeling is that everyone must step up to help the Queen and focus more on what the monarchy is there to do: offer continuity and stability, to be a focus for the nation. So let’s make sure we’re all at the Commonwealth Day service, opening tea shops, attending flood disasters things the public expects the monarchy to be doing, the source added.

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The new order was already at play over the weekend when Prince William accompanied his grandmother to host a lunch for Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, at Buckingham Palace.

Well, when your granny is the world’s longest-reinging monarch whose just lost her right-hand man to a well-deserved retirement, you can’t really argue with her grand plan.