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Details of all the missing people in Grenfell Tower fire tragedy



The London Fire Brigade has confirmed that there have been at least 17 fatalities in the Grenfell Tower fire, which consumed the block in west London in the early hours of the morning.

People have been desperately searching for their loved ones who live in the building as people appeared to be trapped inside.

The leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Nick Paget-Brown said several hundred people would have been in the block when the fire broke out.

Children are believed to be among those missing, as school students search for their friends.

There were reports that fire alarms in the main building did not go off, and residents were woken up and saved by neighbours banging on their doors, as well as screams of terror from others who loved in the building.

There were unconfirmed reports on social media of residents using bedsheets as makeshift ropes while others were reportedly seen jumping for their lives.

Maria Del Pilar Burton

The worried husband of a 65-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s woke up in hospital after escaping the blaze.

His wife was not with him but he is certain she escaped.

He has put out an appeal, hoping someone has seen her.

Simon, a resident who helped the pensioner outside the burning building, said: “We were helping downstairs in the building to get people out.

Nicholas does not know where Maria is and she has Alzheimer’s, but we know she got out. He’s desperate to find her.

Lucas James

A tearful teenager who fears her younger brother may have died in the Grenfell Tower blaze has thanked the community for their overwhelming support.

The 16-year-old, who did not wish to be named, is desperately trying to find her brother Lucas James, 12, who was staying with a friend on the 17th floor of the block.

The girl, who also lived in Grenfell Tower with her mother on the eighth floor is currently staying at Westway Sports Centre – which has thrown open its doors to hundreds of people left without a home.

Recalling the events of Wednesday morning she said: My mum heard some shouting, she heard people screaming help help help.

She looked out the window and saw the fire coming round to our side.

Firemen helped us out, but my brother was visiting a friend on the 17th floor and he did not get out. We cannot find him, we have been going round hospitals.

The girl, who was clutching a carrier bag stuffed with clothes, thanked the public for their support.

She added: It’s so generous, in the bible God’s will is to help people and that is what the community are doing.

‘I think it’s so nice that people are helping and giving.

5-year-old Isaac Shawo

Missing Isaac

Genet Shawo and her husband Paulos Petakle were trying to escape the fire, fighting their way through thick, black smoke.

They were making their way to safety with children Luca, 3 and Isaac, 5.

However, in the confusion, Isaac, who was holding a neighbour’s hand, got lost in the smoke and hasn’t been heard from since.

Choking back tears, Mrs Shawo told the Evening Standard: “I will not fear the worse, I am still hoping and praying for him. He is a beautiful boy.

He told us during the fire that he didn’t want us to die.

My neighbour said he would hold him and bring him down. But when I got outside I realised Isaac wasn’t there.

I have been to all the emergency centres, all the hospitals and there is no news of him.

I just want help, anyone who has any information can they please come forward.

Mariem Elgwahry

The young woman is missing

Friends and family of Mariem Elgwahry are searching for her after she went missing.

She last spoke to her mother at 2.30am and has not been heard from since.

Her loved ones are scouring hospitals and community centres to find her.

Her friend said: Please let me know if you see Mariem Elgwahry. She was on the 19th floor Grenfell tower. Last someone heard from her was 2.30AM she was with her mum!! Please let anyone know if she has been located thank you for all your help please share!! I’ve been to the rugby club, harrow club Laymer Christian church with no luck yet

Khadija Saye

Friends and family of Khadija Saye have been desperately searching for their friend.

Adz Mendez, her cousin, wrote: “If anyone has any information or know of anyone by the name of Khadija Saye or Mary Mendy please get in touch.

My aunt and cousin are stuck in the fire at the Grenfell Tower in Latimer and we are unable to get in touch with them. May God be with them all.

David Lammy MP wrote: If you have any information about Khadija Saye pls contact me. She is our dear friend, a beautiful soul and emerging artist.

His wife, Nicola Green, told The Guardian that Ms Saye was last heard from at 3am when she was Facebook messaging from her flat, as her phone was not working.

She said: She was on Facebook saying she was unable to get out of the flat, that the smoke was so thick. She was saying she just can’t get out and Please pray for me. There’s a fire in my council block. I can’t leave the flat. Please pray for me and my mum.

At one point she said she’d just tried to leave again and said it was impossible. She said she felt like she was going to faint. Someone asked Did you try going down low with towels?

She said Yes, it’s in my room. I’m assuming she meant the smoke.

Mohammad Alhajali

Mohammad, left, is feared dead while his brother, Omar, is recovering in hospital Credit: Facebook

Josie Ensor, our Middle East correspondent, reports:

A Syrian refugee who fled his war-torn country for a better life in the UK is feared to be the first confirmed victim of a fire in west London that has left at least 12 dead.

Mohammed al-Haj Ali, a 23-year-old engineering student, was separated from his brother Omar as they tried to escape the inferno from one of the upper storeys of Grenfell tower block.

Friends and family confirmed Omar, a 25-year-old business student, made it out alive and is reportedly recovering in Kings Cross hospital. However, Mohammed was lost in the chaos and has not been heard from since.

The brothers fled Daraa in southern Syria the cradle of the revolution against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad – three years ago. They were granted asylum in the UK.

Marjorie Bahhaj, a friend of the brothers, said: This is horrible after all he has been through and a place of safety leads to his death. From a government that starts war with its citizens to our government that neglects building regulations….. when will all leaders care for their citizens?

It feels we as British let him down he was supposed to be safe with us.

Meanwhile a family with five, originally from Lebanon, are among the many missing people.

Nadia Choucair, her husband and three daughters, lived on the 27th floor of the building and are not thought to have made it out.

Also unaccounted for is teenager Nurhuda El-Wahabi, as well as her older brother Yasin, aged 21, both of whom are understood to have been inside the tower block when the fire broke out.

Khadija Saye, who lives on the 20th floor of Grenfell Tower, is also among those who are currently missing. Friends said that she was recognisable by the Africa pendant she always wears around her neck.

Family lost in blaze

Relatives of a family of five fear they were all wiped out in the blaze after being stuck on the 21st floor during the Grenfell Tower fire.

Abdul Aziz el-Wahabi, 52, his wife Faouzia el-Wahabi, 42, and their three children, Yasin, 21, Nurhuda, 15, and Mehdi, eight, have not been heard from and their family appears to have died after being told to stay in their house by the fire brigade.

Otman Boujettif, 42, a cousin, said: We spoke to them at about 1.30am but they’d been told by the fire brigade to stay in their flat, put towels down, wet the floors and wait.

He continued, saying that relatives had been round rescue centres and emergency wards while hunting for the family.

The top floors of the 24-story tower block have not been checked for bodies, and fire officers told the family to expect the worst.

Hanan el-Wahabi, the sister of Abdul el-Wahabi, managed to escape the fire.

She lived on the ninth floor and told him to leave. She said: I told him to leave. He said he was going to come. Then I called him and he said there was too much smoke.

The last time I saw him they were waving out the window. The last time I spoke to his wife, he was on the phone to the fire brigade.

A family member told the Evening Standard: We fear they have all been wiped out.

Ahmed Chellat, 60, is the brother-in-law of Faouzia el-Wahabi and is waiting for news.

Mr Chellat said: I was on the phone to her saying, ‘get out’. But she said they had been told to stick towels under the door, stay inside and wait to be rescued.

She said, Smoke is coming under the doors, then I got cut off. That is the last time I heard from her.

Two-year-old Isaac Paulos

Another of Mrs Assefa’s friends is also thought to have lost a child to the inferno.

Genet Paulos’s son Isaac, aged just two, is missing.

Mrs Paulos and her eldest son Luca somehow managed to escape the flames and are being treated in hospital.

Genet is in shock. She doesn’t know what to do, she said.

Sheila Smith

84-year-old Sheila Smith hasn’t been seen since the fire.

Her son Adam Smith Adam Smith appealed for information about his mother. Sheila is believed to have been living at flat 132 in the building.

Mary Mendy

Mary Mendy Credit: Instagram

The mother of Khadija Saye is also missing, according to friends and family.

Zainab Dean

A number of residents may have perished in the fire after being told to stay inside their flats by the emergency services.

Francis Dean, 47, said his sister Zainab told him on the phone she had been instructed to remain in her 14th floor flat with her two year old son Jeremiah by fire fighters.

He told The Telegraph: My sister called me to say there was a fire in the tower. I told her to leave by the stairs but she said she had been told to stay inside her flat. That was in the early hours of today and I’ve not heard from her since. I fear the worst.

Mr Dean, who works for a distribution firm, said that at one stage a fire fighter borrowed his phone and spoke to Zainab.

Zainab Dean’s son

He told her to keep calm and that they were coming to get her. He kept saying that to her again and again,” he said. “But then he handed me the phone and said to me ‘Tell her you love her’. I knew then to fear the worst. The phone went dead and I couldn’t talk to her.

Mr Dean said: “I don’t understand why she was told to stay where she was. I was urging her to escape by the stairs.

I’m so upset. Jeremiah was a wonderful boy, always happy, always smiling. He loved playing football with me.

Others also told how their loved ones had been instructed to remain in their flats.

Jamal Ali, 28, said his aunt, Zainab Ali, had been told by police to stay in her flat but she had ignored them, fleeing to safety with her five children down the stairs.

“The police were telling her to stay inside, but she ran down the stairs with her kids and managed to get away – otherwise she’d be dead.”

Mr Ali also said other relatives in the block had told him the fire alarm had only begun to sound 30 minutes after the fire started.

Jessica Urbano

Ana Ospina said her 12-year-old niece Jessica was missing in the fire.

Jessica’s other aunt, Sandra, wrote: “If anyone sees Jessica she should come to The Harrow Centre where the family are waiting for her. Or speak to any police officer to guide her”.

She said Jessica may have been seen getting into an ambulance, and has been checking with local hospitals.

Sandra told the Mirror: We haven’t heard from her. Somebody gave her a phone and she rang her mum at 1.29am and at 1.39am.

She was with a group of people in the fire escape, in the fire stairs, they live on the 20th floor and my sister-in-law was just coming back from work, as was my older niece.

Jessica called her to say this has happened and she was only a few minutes away.

That’s the last they’ve heard of her.

Sandra added: She will be 13 next month so we’re desperately worried.

She would have been in her bed clothes and she will be very, very, very scared.

We’re just desperate to find her.

Her sister Melanie said the family received a call at about 4am from somebody to say they had seen her being put into an ambulance.

But Melanie said they have not heard any more news since the call.

She said: We heard a couple of hours ago that she was seen in the area and that she was getting into an ambulance.

Someone in the area saw her.

Melanie said the hospital has not been able to confirm whether Jessica was taken there.

She said: “They don’t know anything. They don’t have lists or anything like that.”

Melanie does not live in the flats, where Jessica was staying in the 20th floor when the fire started, but said she went there at about 1.15am, shortly after the fire broke out.

She said: I came at like 1.15am when the fire was starting and they evacuated everyone. I had to tell them my sister was gone.

She said some of the family is now waiting at the hospital, where many of the injured people have been taken.

Melanie said: My dad was in the building on the sixth floor. The fire was pretty much coming through his window.

My mum was not there, she came running as well.

Ali Yawar Jafari

The elderly man is missing

Hamid Ali Jafari said that his 82 year-old father Ali Yawar Jafari had not been seen since the early hours of the morning as the family were trying to escape the blaze.

He said: “He was with my mother and sister in the lift and she said the lift stopped on the tenth floor and he said there was too much smoke and he couldn’t breathe and he got out of the lift and then the doors shut and it didn’t stop again till the ground floor.”

Mr Jafari, who rushed to the scene from his home in Camden when he heard there was a fire, had tried to get in to find him but had been blocked by the emergency services. They had not be able to find him at any of the hospitals.

Hamid Kani

The family has asked for information

The 61-year-old Iranian lived on the 15th floor of the tower block.

Saber Neda

The family of an ‘injured’ dad who told his wife and son to flee the burning Grenfell Tower while he stayed behind have issued a desperate appeal to find him Credit:

The family of an ‘injured’ dad who told his wife and son to flee the burning Grenfell Tower while he stayed behind have issued a desperate appeal to find him.

Saber Neda who lived in a top-floor flat, is feared dead after the fire ripped through the 24-storey building.

While his wife Shakila, 45, and son Farhad, 24, fled the blaze, Saber’s family say he stayed behind because he was injured.

The 57-year-old was last heard from at 2.20am when he made a frantic phone call to a relative to say that the building was burning and that there was no help.

Saber, whose birth name is Mohamed, is understood to have parted with Shakila and university graduate Farhad at 3.30am but hasn’t been seen since.

The father-of-one’s nephew Reshad Habib, who lives in the Netherlands, said: We are all trying to find him.

He was last heard from at 3.30am when he told his wife and son to leave him. He said that they had to get out.

He said they should go and he would follow.

We all don’t know the exact reason why he waited behind, but we think he was injured or something.

They were both taken to hospital. We don’t know how they are.

We haven’t heard anything from my uncle since.

They had been living for 20 years in that flat and they lived on the very top floor of the building.

We got a call when the fire started. He said there was a big fire at the flat and that there was no help at the moment. That was at 2.20am.

His wife and child are OK. I have talked briefly to his son. My auntie and him are in different hospitals from each other in a stable condition.

We just hope that they will find him.

Nura Jamal and young family

A young family who lived on the 20th floor is missing.

Firdaws Kidir, 11, and Yahya Kidir, 13, who are missing along with their brother Yaqub, 6, their mother Nura Jamal and father Hashim Kidir.

A mother of three trapped in the Grenfell Tower blaze rang a friend to tell her she feared she was about to die, it emerged on Wednesday.

The woman, named locally as Nura Jamal, called her friend at around 2am and said: “Forgive me, the fire is here, I’m dying.”

Her daughter is understood to have escaped from the fire and is now being treated in hospital.

Hibo Yussuf, 35, a friend of the missing woman, told The Telegraph: “We’ve heard that Nora’s daughter is in hospital but hasn’t been able to get hold of her mum. Nura called one of her friends to say Forgive me, the fire is here, I’m dying.

Now we don’t know where she is or if she’s dead or alive.

Mrs Yussuf said a teaching assistant from Avondale Primary School called Nadia was also missing, along with her husband and mother in law.

They lived on the 22nd floor. I don’t know what’s happened to them. It’s so horrible, she said.

Nadia Choucair

The daughter of a teaching assistant feared killed in the blaze rang a friend to say she thought she was going to die. A resident called Hulya, who lives close to the scene of the blaze, said on Wednesday: Nadia’s daughter rang a friend saying: I don’t think I’m going to make it. It’s heartbreaking.

Nadia Choucair,, a teaching assistant at Avondale Park Primary School, is understood to have lived on one of the top floors of the tower with her husband, her three daughters and her mother in law.

Hulya claimed the tragedy had been exacerbated by recent development work, which she said had blocked off escape routes from the burning building.

She said the building of a new academy on the site of a car park next to Grenfell Tower had also potentially made things worse by preventing emergency vehicles getting closer to the burning building.

“They’ve been blocking off walkways and paths that people used to go down. It’s a scandal and it needs to be investigated,” she said. “I’m 100 per cent sure the number of fatalities could have been fewer. Look at the way that cladding went up so quickly.”

Mo Tuccu

The firm Red Consultancy tweeted to appeal for news on their staff member Mo Tuccu

The firm Red Consultancy tweeted to appeal for news on their staff member Mo Tuccu, who is lost after the blaze.

Steve Power

Student Rebecca Ross, wrote on social media that she feared her father may be among the victims.

The 22-year-old said she was “distraught” after being unable to contact 63-year-old Steve Power.

Mr Power’s sons told The Telegraph they are looking for their father.

Nurhuda El-Wahabi and her brother, Yasin

Worried friends and family have tweeted about these two, who council records show lived at flat 182.

Hesham Rahmen

Karim Musilly spoke to his uncle Hesham Rahmen, 57, on the phone at 1.30. He lives on the 19th floor and has not been heard from since.

He said there is a fire in the building, he had phoned the police who said stay in your flat and put a wet towel under the door. He was getting really worried because the smoke was coming in. Then the phone went dead.

Fras Ibrahim

Fras Ibrahim, in his late thirties, is thought to have been trapped on the top floor of Grenfell Tower while visiting his mother, Fathia Ahmen, who is in her late seventies and his sister Esra Ibrahim, in her thirties.

Ranya Ibrahim

Mother Ranya Ibrahim sent pleas for help from her Snapchat account at 3am. Her friend Maseen, who lives nearby, said: “She lives on the top floor with her two children who are just three and five years old. I received a Snapchat video from Ranya at 3am just after the fire started and I haven’t heard from her since.”

Tony Disson

Tony Disson is missing

Great grandad Tony Disson, 65,who was on the block’s 22nd floor, said in his final call: “Tell my sons I love them.” The father-of-four pleaded for help in a string of frantic conversations, saying he was trapped in his bathroom. The ex-market trader’s phone fell silent at around 4am.

Raymond Moses Bernard

A family friend confirmed to the Press Association that Raymond Bernard, known to friends as Moses, remained missing after the fire.

Dennis Murphy

Stevan Racz shared a post seeking information about his uncle Dennis Murphy, whom he said had called while trapped on the 14th floor of the building.

“We haven’t heard anything since. Can anyone with any information contact me please,” he said.

One commenter on another post seeking Mr Murphy wrote: “I’ve been around asking everyone, going to the centres, no one’s seen him.”

Mohamed Neda

A friend of missing Mohamed Neda, Ariana Neumann Rodger, posted on Facebook that “his family are severely injured and in hospital and desperate to find out where he is”.

Zia Popal, who described Mr Neda as his uncle, also posted on the social network and said: “He was on the top floor of the building trying to help (people) and went missing since.

“If anyone has links with emergency services please take a look at his photos and pass them on just in case anyone has spotted him.

“We have already been to all (the five) major hospitals but they do not have him registered.

Parents and their 6 month baby missing

Farah Hamdan, left, is still missing along with her baby. Her two children, one of whom is pictured on the right, were found in hospital

Farah Hamdan and Omar Belkadi as well as their 6 month baby girl are missing.

Their young daughters Tazmin and Malek were found by family searching the hospitals.

Farah’s mother Rakia Hamdan told the Sun: “We can’t find them. We’ve been to all the hospitals and we’ve been searching all day but we still haven’t found them. We just want to know they are safe.”

Two Italians are missing in the disaster – Marco Gottardi and his girlfriend Gloria Trevisan, both architects from the Veneto region of northern Italy.

A family lawyer believes there is no hope they are alive.

“I heard the recording of Gloria’s phone call to her mum,” lawyer Maria Cristina Sandrin told the Ansa news agency. “She says thanks for what she did for her. They were saying goodbye. There are no grounds to hope that Gloria and Marco are still alive”.

Gloria graduated in October and went to London because there are no professional opportunities here (in Italy), not even for those who graduate with top marks, said Ms Sandrin.

The 26-year-olds lived in a flat on the 23rd floor and both spoke to their parents as the fire took hold of the apartment block.

There’s a lot of smoke but don’t worry, we’re waiting for the rescuers. We opened the front door but there was too much smoke to be able to leave. The lifts are blocked,” Mr Gottardi told his father, Giannino, at around 2am UK time.

Giannino Gottardi told the Italian press: In the first call they told us to be calm, that everything was under control. But in the second call – and I cannot get this out of my head – he told me that there was smoke, that a lot of smoke was rising up.

There’s nothing more we can do than wait for a miracle, he said.

The couple graduated together last year from an architecture institute and came to London, like hundreds of thousands of young Italians, in the hope of learning English and kick-starting their careers.

Gloria’s mother, Emanuela, said: “Gloria told us that all the elevators were blocked, I think they tried to use the stairs.”

The couple have not been heard of since.

Other missing people – and the terror residents faced

A woman named Suha told LBC that she had an elderly relative missing.

She said: I can hear the screaming of people, I can hear them, and my neighbours all around got woken up by the screams.

I have a relative who lives in the building, she lives on the 20th floor, and we don’t know whether she is out or not. We have been here since it started.

Siar Naqshabandi, at the Rugby Portobello centre, told The Guardian he lives on the third floor and said his brother, who was in the building, heard no fire alarms. I came back at about 1.45am and saw the building was on fire. I rang him [his brother] and said, get out.

He has more family living on the 23rd floor and an uncle is still missing. They were telling people not to leave the building,” he said. “I told them to get down. They said we’re not allowed to get out.

Andy Manfrego, who lives yards away, was desperately searching for a relative trapped inside at 3am.

He told the Evening Standard: It went up in seconds. It’s been burning for nearly two hours and you can see people at the top still in there.

Bits of the building keep dropping off it’s awful. Everyone’s waiting at the cordon trying to call their family members who could still be in there.

Ahmed Chellat told Good Morning Britain that he has five family members unaccounted for after they were told to stay inside their homes in the burning building.

He said: When I saw the fire from my window, I rushed downstairs, I phoned my sister who lives in the same block, she was safe with her children.

I phoned her and she spoke to me and said they were advised not to come out of the place and put white towels under the doors.

Ten minutes later I phoned back and she said the smoke was getting into them very bad…and that was the last time I spoke to them.