Tuesday, May 28

Grenfell victims are sleeping in cars and parks



The newly-elected MP for Kensington has claimed that Grenfell victims who used to live in the tower are having to live in cars and parks.

According to Sky News, Emma Dent Coad spoke at a Justice for Grenfell march on Monday night and spoke of the total chaos in the borough.

People have been sleeping in cars and in parks because they don’t know where to go and they aren’t being looked after, she said.

Secondly they need to be re-housed permanently and thirdly they need a long-term care package… people who’ll always be there for them.

It has been confirmed that at least some victims have been rehomed in hotels.

The government said 126 hotel places have been given to families while 78 were due to be homed in properties locally or in a neighbouring borough by Monday night.

The blaze now happened just under a week ago, and there have been claims residents have not had proper access to cash or accommodation after the devastating fire that took their belongings, homes and loved ones.

The Labour MP previously criticised the council’s response to the blaze.

She told The Guardian: There was no council presence. The council has issued press releases and we had the leader of the council and the deputy leader of the council wandering around giving press interviews. They weren’t making sure the relief effort was being coordinated.

They weren’t making sure that people utterly traumatised who have lost family members and neighbours, or who thought they may have, that there was any kind of support for them. I’ve had people on the phone this morning saying we’ve got to get counsellors down here, people are beside themselves with grief, they are not coping and there’s no social support for them.

Local councillor Judith Blakeman previously told The Guardian that while most Grenfell victims are happy with their hotel accommodation, some have been put in B&Bs with no working shower.

Judith Blakeman said she had spoken to at least two people who had been put in really horrible B&Bs.

She said she attended a private meeting of survivors on Monday, where she heard that one man was moved from a very basic and dirty room to a second substandard bed and breakfast where the showers were not working.