Tuesday, May 28

Six Adult were injured, including a seriously injured child by car hits, in a open field Eid prayer in Newcastle on Eid day



A Car has ploughed into a group of Muslim worshippers in Newcastle as they celebrated Eid, leaving at least three adults and three children injured. The crash happened in the car park of Westgate Community College, in Westgate Road.

Six people are now confirmed to have been injured, including three children. One of the children is said ot be in a critical condition.

There are uncomfrimed reports that one child was stuck beneath the car. An estimated 300 to 400 Muslim worshippers were at the college celebrating the end of Ramadan.

Armed police and the police helicopter were called to the scene, with the recent terror attack on a group of Muslim in Finsbury Park still fresh in people’s minds.

However, police have said they do not believe the crash is terror related, Chronicle Live reported.

A 42-year-old woman has been arrested, Northumbria Police said.

Video taken in the aftermath of the crash shows people in hi-vis jackets running towards the scene as police sirens wail in the background.

One witness told the paper There were lots of children there, people were gathering for prayers for Eid. My husband said he saw the car hit around six or seven people.

Others who witnessed the crash said they believed it was an accident

Police enquiries are ongoing to establish what exactly happened but, at this time, it is not believed to be a terror incident.