Sunday, July 21

Again fires in Tower Hamlets St Paul’s within few hours (Video)

Sumon Ahmed: Fires had happened in Tower Hamlets again within few hours. This fire incident happened on the 4th floor of a residential building in St. Paul’s Way in front of St. Paul’s Secondary School.

According to the report, A woman jumped from the 4-storied building and was on the street. Ambulance workers are providing medical services to a leopard from a 4 storey building. In the social media, the woman’s body is covered by a fire service worker.

The 17-year-old is believed to have fallen to her death as the blaze swept through a third-floor maisonette in St Paul’s Way.

Fire fighters and paramedics were called to the scene shortly before 6am where a man was rescued from a fourth floor bedroom before being rushed to hospital.

Three other people, who escaped the blaze before fire fighters arrived, were also taken to hospital.

Around 50 other residents who live in the flats above a row of shops escaped the building before fire fighters arrived.

A video were viral that, the video showed that some firefighters were trying to control firefight by using a fire service vehicle. Some people were on the streets.

The incident took place in the morning on Monday morning, due to a fire incident in the Bow Wharf Building in Victoria Park area of on Sunday.

After a fire, Londoners created panic among the people. Why so many fires had happend and who is resposible for the correct answer, these questions are all about.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.

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