Friday, July 19

London Authority to clean up air quality on the Thames river



Research under way for Thames air quality strategy by Port of London Authority. An operation to clean up the Thames is underway with new research by the Port of London Authority.

Its clean air strategy is being worked out where ships berthed along the waterfront will have to switch off their engines and plug into an electrical grid, while vessels on the river will have to reduce their emissions.

Our research is to get a detailed picture of emissions on the Thames to develop the first river air quality strategy, PLA chief executive Robin Mortimer explained.

We anticipate more trade, passenger journeys, recreation and people on the Thames in the next 20 years.

The project is part of a long-term study by Transport for London on river usage rising dramatically by 2037, with the research to go out to consultation.

Among new vessels being made ready for low emissions are the two set to run the Woolwich Ferry going into service next year.