Wednesday, February 21

Data Reveals the Number of Sexual Partners the Average



The most uncomfortable question in every relationship: what’s your number? As in, how many people have you slept with?

To find out the average number of sexual partners a person has had as well as the feelings surrounding the subject, a recent study surveyed over 2,000 people in the US and Europe. Turns out, the average American has had 7.2 partners while the average European has had 6.2.

On top of the median counts, America’s highs and lows ranged at much more drastic extremes, from 2.6 (Utah) to 15.7 (Louisiana), vs. Europe’s 5.4 (Italy) to 7.0 (UK).

The survey also asked the participants at what number they considered someone to be too promiscuous.

Women answered 15.2 while men said 14; both, however, closely agreed on the ideal number of partners for someone to have in their lifetime at 7.5 (women) and 7.5 (men). Lastly, when asked what count they thought of as too sexually conservative, France, Portugal, the US, the UK, and Italy all reported two.

Austria was the clear outlier, saying that seven sexual partners was prudish. OK, Austria!

Where does your number fall?