Walkabouts to give neighbourhoods a refresh

Residents in the Weavers area offered suggestions for making their community more attractive, when they joined Mayor John Biggs and Cllr Amina Ali, Cabinet Member for Environment on a street audit in their neighbourhood.

Street audits, where residents walk through their local area, identifying potential improvements, are part of the Mayor’s Neighbourhood Refresh programme, a £3 million scheme to invest in local infrastructure and improve neighbourhoods.

The programme is being rolled out across the borough over the next three years and residents and community groups in the Weavers area were some of the first to be consulted.

During the street audit, residents pointed out where they would like to see more trees, raised kerbs a pedestrian crossing and CCTV.

Suggestions included introducing a one –way system in Ropley Street and planting more trees in Calvert Street.

Mayor John Biggs said: “One of my key priorities is to make Tower Hamlets even safer, cleaner and greener which is why I set up the Mayor’sNeighborhood Refresh programme.

It was good to attend the street audit with residents in Weavers Ward, and speaking to them it was clear they are engaged in what happens in their neighborhood and had practical suggestions for improvements which we will listen to.”

The council will be holding street audits starting at 10.30am in the following neighbourhoods:

14 October – Poplar

Meet outside Chrisp Street Idea Store for street audits in Violet Road, Devons Road and Chrisp Street, Poplar.

21 October – Bow

Meet at Selwyn Green, Saxon Road, Bow, for a street audit in Antill Road.

4 November – Bethnal Green

Meet outside York Hall, Old Ford Road for a street audit covering Old Ford Road and Approach Road.

Cllr Ali said: “I would like to thank all those in the Weavers area who joined us on the street audit, visited our consultation stand or our website to offer suggestions for making your neighbourhood safer and more attractive.

We will review all your ideas and decide which are best to pursue. We now invite people in areas of Poplar, Bow and Bethnal Green to take part in street audits in their neighbourhoods.”

To register for the street audit in the Poplar area, visithttps://goo.gl/r36iGR or for further information, go towww.towerhamlets.gov.uk/loveyourneighbourhood

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