Thursday, May 30

A huge hate crime recorded this year in UK



Recorded hate crimes jumped by 29% last year exacerbated by the EU referendum and Westminster Bridge terror attack, new figures show.

Over 80,000 offences were committed in England and Wales over the last 12 months up from 62,518 in 2015/16.

The figures, released by the Home Office on Tuesday, represent the largest jump since records began in 2011.

Types of hate crime recorded

Race – 78%

Sexual orientation – 11%

Religious – 7%

Disability – 7%

Transgender – 2%

Some hate crimes had more than one motivating factor, the Home Office said, explaining why the sum breached 100%.

The department revealed there was a genuine rise in hate crime around the time of the EU referendum and after the Westminster Bridge terror attack in March that killed five people.

It also attributed the rise to improvements in police recording.

Home secretary Amber Rudd said she was heartened more victims were reporting hate crimes and police were getting better at recording them.

But she added: No-one in Britain should have to suffer violent prejudice.

We are working to crack down on those who commit these horrendous attacks, help communities counter these twisted views, and are supporting vulnerable groups to feel safe and protected.