Tuesday, May 28

The Big clean up is coming

The first borough-wide Big Clean Up event is taking place next week, as Tower Hamlets Council encourages everyone to ‘love their neighbourhood’.

The council, its partners and volunteers will be hitting the streets from 23 – 27 October to pick up litter, tackle graffiti and help to keep areas clean.

And residents are invited to submit their nominations for the public spaces and streets which might need an extra bit of TLC.

Mayor John Biggs said: “We want everyone to be proud of and enjoy the areas where they live, which is why we launched our Love Your Neighbourhood campaign; so we can work with local people to improve their neighbourhoods. We know that clean streets are a priority for our residents, so we’re adding to our usual cleaning activities next week and working with our partners in this first borough-wide Big Clean Up.”

Cllr Rachel Blake added: “The council picked up almost 7,000 tonnes of litter and detritus from our streets last year as a part of our work to keep the borough clean. Whilst we’ll be continuing our rubbish and recycling collections as usual next week, The Big Clean Up is a chance to encourage everyone who lives and works in our borough, and visitors, to do their bit.

“Look out for our teams, who will be out and about across the borough next week, and in the meantime, we welcome everyone’s nominations of sites to tackle as part of The Big Clean Up.”

To nominate an area to be cleaned up, contact us on Facebook or Twitter (@TowerHamletsNow) or email communications@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

The next Big Clean Up event will be taking place in December.

Love Your Neighbourhood launched in September. Since then it has included neighbourhood audits to improve the look and safety of neighbourhoods through the Mayor’s Neighbourhood Refresh and last month the council encouraged residents to recycle right at venues across the borough as part of national Recycle Week.

– Press realise