Thursday, May 30

Couple reported to police after they tried naming their son Jihad



A couple in France have been reported to the authorities for trying to name their son Jihad.

The Muslim parents tried to register the highly controversial name at their town hall near Toulouse after the birth in August, reports the Mirror.

But officials immediately alerted the public prosecutor, who is now challenging the name in the family court because of its links to terrorism.

A judge will then have the power to order the couple to choose another name.

The unnamed husband and wife have claimed the word Jihad does not mean Holy War, but instead refers to effort, struggle and self-denial.

Four years ago another couple whose three-year-old son was named Jihad were hand suspended prison sentences for sending him to school in a t-shirt with the slogans ‘I am a bomb’ on the front and ‘Born on 9/11’ on the back.

French law states that any first name may be given as long as it doesn’t go against the child’s interests in later life.

Three years ago a couple with the surname Renault were banned from calling their daughter Megane. Others have been stopped from calling children Nutella and Fraise.