Wednesday, February 21

Tower Hamlets to deliver more youth services

An extra £300k to provide improved and extended youth services in the borough was agreed at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday night.

The additional funding will mean:

• A £60,000 youth innovation fund.

• A pilot for a targeted junior youth service for 11 yr olds

• Additional funding for the A team arts specialist service

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said:

“Despite increasing financial pressures, we are making sure that we continue to invest in our young people in Tower Hamlets.

“Our youth services provide a space for young people to do positive things together, outside of school and family.

“We know and value the importance of youth work which is why we have agreed to put this additional money into the overall youth service current budget of nearly 4 million pounds.”

Members of the Youth Council also attended Cabinet.

The Youth Innovation Fund will allow young people to pitch ideas and projects for the youth service and to win funding to take their ideas forward. In 2016 63% of young people surveyed wanted to create a youth innovation fund.

The Youth Service eleven year old pilot scheme will provide additional support for 11 year olds (who have been referred) to take part in specific activities that will tackle sensitive issues such as mental health worries or concerns about moving to secondary school. This will help them be able to talk, have fun and explore issues in a safe and positive environment. They will also have the opportunity to attend a free holiday programme during the school holidays.

For further information, please contact the Tower Hamlets communications team on 0207 364 1426 or

– Press realise