Thursday, May 30

Government minister vows to back schools trying to ban hijabs



An education minister has pledged to provide Government backing to schools looking to ban hijabs and religious fasting.

Lord Agnew of Oulter accused parents and religious leaders of attempting to intimidate and bully schools into allowing behaviour they are unhappy with.

Writing in the Times on Saturday, he vowed to help head teachers with the process of making “sensitive” decisions.

He said: They are completely within their right to make decisions on how to run their schools in the best interests of their pupils in line with the law and in discussion with parents, of course and we back their right to do so.

What example do we set to the next generation if we fail to show tolerance and respect in how we engage in these debates? Particularly when these are values we are promoting in our classrooms.

Children at Marner Primary School in Tower Hamlets enjoy a skipping game during their playtime. This is one of the schools close to the site of the 2012 Olympic Games.

There is a large Bengali community in the part of London. This reflected in the… Last month Lord Agnew vowed to back head of St Stephen’s school in east London in an attempt to ban girls under eight from wearing hijabs.

The proposals faced criticism from parents and religious leaders.

Lord Agnew added that a culture of fear and intimidation must not be allowed to pass through the school gates after a governor at the school resigned over the bullying.