Wednesday, February 21

Woman climbs into X-ray machine during security check



A woman climbed into an X-ray machine during a security check at a Chinese train station, saying she was trying to make sure her handbag wasn’t stolen.

Security staff got a fright when they saw the woman’s body flashing across their screen.

She jumped onto the conveyor belt because she feared that she could lose her handbag during the screening process at a train station in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, according to the Daily Mail.

Footage shows the woman emerging from the X-ray machine, hunched over on the conveyor belt before someone helps her off.

Images show the woman’s silhouette and heels as she crouches over her handbag while passing through the scanner.

The woman grabbed her bag and left the area before security staff had a chance to intervene, and it’s unclear why the woman was so adamant to protect her handbag and its contents.