Saturday, May 18

Man sent to morgue buy wakes up and then dies during funeral preparations



A Chinese, who has been identified as Chen, reportedly assumed her husband, who was suffering from terminal stomach cancer for several months, was dead after she found him in a limp state.

Without really checking properly or even consulting a doctor, she sent the body to the morgue.

The husband in question, who has been identified by the local media as Huang, from Shiyan, spent his final hours in a morgue, where people were in the process of preparing him for his funeral.

It was only when the morgue cosmetologist was getting him ready that he noticed Huang’s mouth and fingers twitching slightly.

Seeing this movement, the workers at the mortuary immediately called for medical help. While speaking to the Shiyan Evening News, a mortuary worker Ren said,

It’s easy for a patient to be pronounced as dead if his limbs are cold, his body is stiff, his vital signs are weak. But this is not the first time we have noticed something like this.

Unfortunately, though, by the time medical team arrived, Huang had lost his life and the death was formally pronounced.

Talking to The Paper, Chen said, My husband passed away at home early this morning. I am very scared. I ask you to come and take away his remains,

She also said that in the morning when she noticed his husband has appeared to have stopped breathing too. Seeing the traumatised wife, Ren is said to have waived off the service fees.

According to media reports, Huang’s family had spent all their money on his medical treatment, but the doctors finally said that they could do no more for him, which is probably why Chen assumed that her husband had passed away.